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Lab Science: The How, Why, 

 What, Who 'n' Where Book  


by Barb Shelton  




Because of how intimidating Lab Science is to most homeschooling parents, and because of how much potential I believe this subject has, (but many get so intimidated, they totally miss it!), I want you to hear the encouraging words of several homeschooling moms who have gotten past the intimidation with a little help from me...





        "I have just finished reading Barb's Lab Science book and it is fantastic. It has more information than I thought was possible on this subject! I had just ordered Dr. Wile's Exploring Creation with Biology and really liked it but was looking for a little better explanation on how to do the Lab Notebook. Well I got plenty from Barb's book!!  Wow did she ever simplify that for me!! I am such a perfectionist and I just couldn't figure out how these lab pages should look. Barb did all the work for me. All I have to do is copy out the pages I think we will need and "wha-la!" a nice neat Lab Science notebook that fits my perfectionist mind perfectly! Thanks Barb!!!!  You've done it again!  I'm sorry I waited so long to order it!" 

~Barbara O.; Homeschooling Mom






"What a great looking book! I get questions on what to do about high school and need more good resources to recommend. This book will certainly be one of them!"

~Dr. Ruth Beechick (Author of many books for homeschoolers and teachers)







"Barb, your book is great! It will help me in selecting research books. You honor me by making my books part of such a wonderful collection of science materials." 

~ Janice VanCleave  (Author of 26 Science Experiment Books)







"This book gets my "must-have-if-you-are-homeschooling-a-highschooler" seal! It offers much more than what to teach for Lab Science; it also has lots of creative ideas!  An abundance of excellent information packed into one book!"

~Robin Sampson; Author / Homeschool Curriculum Consultant







"Where was this book 3 years ago?! I sure could have used it! My children are now 18 and 16 and have always been homeschooled. Lab Science presented a challenge to me. We ended up choosing two different courses of study that didn't fit our homeschool philosophy - which is to be self-directed and independent in all our studies. This book would have given us the freedom and the help we needed to design an autonomous course of study; had I had it, I could have easily designed my own course. It's very practical and well-rounded. It offers several different perspectives and choices, so you can pick and choose components of any or all that will work best for your family."

~Janice Hedin; Homeschooling Mom for 15 years; "Homeschool

Through High School" Speaker; Support Group Leader







"This book changed my mind from feeling the need to send my daughter to a community college for Lab Science. We can just the this book and figure out a good lab course on our own! And we are both relieved and excited about that! ... This book is an excellent resource to try to help high schoolers with lab science the most intimidating subject for homeschoolers!"  

~Vickie Smith; Homeschooling Mom







"What I love about this book is that Barb has found all these great resources, excerpts, and insights, compiled them all into one book, and along with her own material given us a smorgasbord of ideas and concepts to choose from!" 

~ Teresa Kempf; Homeschooling mom for 8 years







Q: Is your Lab Science to be used as a stand alone, or can it also be used to enhance a curriculum?

A: It' s actually neither. The purpose of my Lab Science Book is to give the course planner a better understanding of and foundation in lab science, its many purposes, the many different ways it can be done, how to do it without just going the textbook route (and when that would and wouldn't be advisable), and to give many options, insights from many experts, frameworks, and forms for doing so.





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