Tory's TerriTory



Here is a page on Tory and Chrissy's wedding which took place on August 26th, 2000!

Tory's Graduation from (our) homeschool in 1998

"5 Myths About Public Education" article by Tory and Mom (Barb) 

"Convinced in My Heart" article - by Tory (about not dating and waiting for "the one")

"Tory's Photo Album" -  This is a page of links to several photos with Tory in them. (If you've already seen these and would like to go directly to the pictures of Tory and Chrissy I just got up, click here.)

Tory's Basketball Notebook - The Outline of his notebook, and the Story behind it. 

Players Magazine Article on Tory by Vern Halvorson who interviewed him and wrote it back in 1997, when Tory was in high school.





The apple and the soft blue and grey plaid wallpaper are from:

The little animated

typing lady is from:

The navy blue weave wallpaper

is from:

The plaid heart is from:

(I don't know where I got the other items as I acquired them early on in

my internet searching, before I even knew I should credit artists. If you know of

a source, let me know and I will be happy to give credit!!!)

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