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I, Barb Shelton, along with my list shepherdesses, Teresa, JulieBeth, and Lisa would like to welcome you to the "Senior High Form+U+la List, also known as "SHFL." This is probably the longest "Welcome Letter" you will ever receive on a list. That's because I have no idea how to write anything short. My motto is "If anything short can possibly be made longer, do it!" 
No, actually, it just needs to be long.   After reading it, you'll understand why. Rather than apologizing for this, I hope you understand my heart to make this place a restful oasis with "boundaries" in which all feel safe and aware of how to best facilitate the particular "Father's business" being done here. Otherwise it will end up being a chaotic free-for-all, frustrating for those wanting to avoid general chit-chat and get some specific help from this list.


Here are the topics this letter will cover, for easy reference later on:  (As soon as I figure out how to do "A tag" coding, I will do so. That way you'll be able to click on any of the following headings and it'll take you right to that spot on this page!  Until then, you'll have to "rough it"!    Remember the "FIND" feature of Windows is really cool. You just click "Control-F" and then in the box that pops up, type in a word you want to find, and then click "OK.")


Why this letter?


A little history    |    Behind the scenes


What this list is     |     The focus of this list


What's in it for *Barb*!     |     What the focus is NOT


My "official position" on curriculum     |     Off-topic conversations 


Why avoid talking about curriculum since most of us use it?


   What if I don't have the book (Form+U+la)?

On your participation on this list

On my (Barb's) participation     |     Operational guidelines

About the "BES" on my posts     |     Christian conference

Pray about being part of this list

Who to contact if you have list problems or questions

Message delivery settings for this list

Web access/archives





Part of my purpose in writing this Welcome Letter is to help you understand the heart behind the book and my message; then the heart behind those operating this list, and also the heart behind why this list even exists in the first place. If you want to be able to get the most out of this list and help it be as edifying and ministering to everyone on it as possible, the rest of this letter will be of great interest to you. If you connect with what I say here in this letter, you'll enjoy the list; if not, unsub instructions are at the south end of this letter and each email.  


(BTW, each of the pictures of Form+U+la on this page are links to reader comments about it!)  



Waaay back in 1996, three years after Form+U+la first came out, I came in contact with a few ladies who had the book and wanted fellowship with others who had it. So we set up a "loop" which was totally manually operated. That means that everyone on it had to manually add a new person's email address to their list of members every time someone wanted to join us, and then manually take names off their list every time someone left. I cannot even begin to explain to you what a PAIN in the neck this was!!! People were constantly frustrated that they weren't getting all the emails being referred to in conversations because not everyone had updated their list of new members, and ones who wanted to leave were frustrated that they were still getting emails from ones who hadn't removed them from their lists!

       One day Larry Wilson, who was on this "loop," approached me with the possibility of setting me up with a new "automated list." Being a chronic sufferer of overwhelmaphobia, the thought of this totally overwhelmed me at first.  Automated?  I'd NEVER be able to figure it out!  (In reality it is as simple as you can get, and it's a hundred times easier and simpler than doing the manual loop!)  Free?  It sounded too good to be true!  NO one would do something like this for someone for FREE!  But Larry believed in my ministry and sincerely wanted to help!  So, at his invitation and with his assistance (actually, it's more like Larry set it up with a bit of assistance from me!), this list was established.   






As the list grew, and more and more people joined us, I realized that there was much more involved behind-the-scenes in managing a list than I had imagined. This was even in addition to what Larry did, which called "List Technician."  It had more to do with the "heart 'n' soul" of the conversations, problems that arose and frustrations that occurred behind the scenes. About that time, Donna Heck came along and offered assistance in many areas ~ and without even being asked!  She just stepped in ~ oftentimes apologizing to me for "intruding"! ~ and got things done, answered, ministered to, encouraged, and explained. I was SO grateful for her!!!  Eventually I made it "official" and asked her to be my "List Shepherdess."  And because her helpfulness extended beyond list boundaries and into other work I did, I asked her to also be my "Online Secretary." She did all this for no pay, though I blessed her with a few books on a monthly basis.

       After four years of faithful service, Donna graduated her youngest son and the Lord moved her on to other ministry work.  But He brought me two other wonderful women who Donna graciously trained and "passed the torch" on to!  He later brought Teresa our way, for which we are tremendously thankful!  Then sometime later, He brought Lisa to us, originally with a heart to see prayer requests taken care of in a more specific and organized way, but she quickly became a part of the team in the running/managing of the list!  And THEN He brought JulieBeth into the picture sometime after that!  I (and YOU) have been SOOOO blessed with such wonderful and abundant help!!!!!!

       It's important that you understand that, without these gals carrying the torch all these years, this list would simply not exist. There is much more to managing this list than meets the eye. If you don't understand it, you'll just have to take my word for it. 




This list is based on the book Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la, written by myself, Barbara Edtl Shelton ~ more commonly known as "Barb Shelton." (The former is my "pen name" as I wanted to include my parents' last name (Edtl) since they're the ones who raised me and so generously gave me their writing, organizing, chart-making genes!)


Its purpose is to provide a place for those who already have my book and want further input on implementing the ideas therein. Many years ago God planted a seed in my heart which gave me an excitement for breaking chains and setting people free ~ but I had no idea how that would specifically come about. As I have been doing what I am now doing ~ writing books and teaching seminars ~ I have come to realize that setting people free is at the core of what our ministry is all about. Not a worldly kind of "free" that is merely for the sake of "being free," but freedom for the sake of walking the path God has set before us, as He would have us walk it! 

Having gone through many years of feeling sickeningly panicked every time I even thought about homeschooling through high school, I can't express how relieving it is to now be released from those awful pangs of nauseating fear that used to flash through me! This is true freedom! And it is not attained by simply "willing" the fears away, or even praying that the Lord would remove them. Nor do we attain boldness by "just doing it" and simply pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps, staunchly saying, "Okay!  I'm just going to do it!" No book or "willing of the will" can bring freedom! ~ not even my book, as freeing as it is intended to be! What I do in Form+U+la is simply and primarily point the way to the One who does give this freedom, but...

Only you going to God yourself and allowing Him to do His work in your heart and your mind is going to get you going on a process that will bring about the freedom that God has for you! ~ that is, if you don't jump out of the frying pan before you're "done"! Jesus died in order that we might enjoy relationship with Himself, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, and this relationship ~ and yielding to Jesus as Lord ~ is the only thing that will bring about the freedom we seek. Yes, freedom even in the area of homeschooling! This is a work that only the Holy Spirit can do in and through you, as He reveals the specific applications for you and your unique family. But it's a work He is happy to do in those willing to LET Him.



This list is mostly about moms helping and encouraging each other in this process of implementing a Spirit-directed, individualized approach to the TRUE education of our children; getting set free to educate our kids the way God wants US to, which is not necessarily (or usually) what the world would have us do. Therefore neither traditional approaches nor curriculum are our focus. Not that we won't use some of the world's methods, resources, and tools ~ but God wants us to hear HIS voice over the world's (many, loud) voices, and THAT is what we want to discuss here.

        So this is a place for Moms (and Dads too if they're into this, which is awesome!) to roll up their sleeves and get into the nitty-gritty of planning high school together with this philosophy in mind and heart! You are free to ask for ideas, brainstorm, and hash through frustrations! Quick mentions of internet sites that are helpful for high school are great.

        Homeschooling through high school is a *process* ~ and the idea behind this list is to walk through it with others who are like-minded, without getting into in-depth discussions of particular curriculums or resources. Brief mentions are fine.




I'm sure this was one of your most burning questions!    As I come up with new ideas, I like to share them here and get feedback from "listees" on them! One of the joys for me personally in participating in this list has been the opportunity to mix and "rub cyber-shoulders" with real moms!  I have already spent countless hours "talking" to you via the computer screen (it took 1-1/4 yrs. just to write Form+U+la!), and countless moms have told me "I feel like we are close friends!" ~ but it's not a two-way path until *I* hear back from *YOU*!!!    Discussions on this list have also helped me in knowing what to address in my future writing! In fact, it greatly helped me when I wrote the latest revision of Form+U+la (which came out summer of 1999). Many excellent posts from the list ended up there in the book (with permission!), plus I added many questions and answers that were discussed on the list! 



Our focus here is not on curriculum itself, like a discussion of "which curriculum do you use for this and that?" This is not because that's bad or because we don't "believe" in it! We use it too, though mostly "real books" (along with real life). Because I need to be careful about where I spend my time, where I feel called to spend it is has to relate to what I spoke of earlier: Freedom ~ from the world's ways, from bondage to curriculum. 

        Nor is the focus on buying and selling of books among members. We had to make this rule only because not having it would result in way too much of that. However, because we created and maintain it, and it's based on my book and message, of course my list shepherdesses and I (and anyone else who wants to) are going to refer people to my resources! That's why we set it up in the first place ~ for those who have connected to my message and want more. And I (Barb) will occasionally announce new resources that either I've written or that I've found and that we're starting to sell.

        Because we want to adhere to the above-explained focus, we will need to avoid such topics as home-making in general (though how to teach it to our children is fine), recipes, politics* and political causes, theological views, and personal issues. Likewise, homeschooling issues of a more general nature, or those pertaining to younger children, would better be taken to one of the more general homeschooling lists or message boards, though I will occasionally give info on my resources for the younger years ~ just cuz I'm the author.

     Just one more point about politics...  It is best that we keep biased political stuff off this list. And "biased" is not necessarily a negative; we are all biased, including myself. But some political stuff is, like jokes. I just don't feel that this is the platform for it; that's all. It's only wisdom and fair to all on this list to not have this be a place for pointedly biased posts, from either party's viewpoint. 




...if I have one, is that it must serve our and God's purposes for our students' lives and preparation for "the future works God has prepared beforehand for them to walk in," rather than us serve the/our curriculum!  I have written a short article called "What About Prepared Curriculum?" that will a bit more thoroughly explain how I view and use it. 



We touch on curriculum some on this list, but unlike many other homeschool-related lists, that is not one of our main focus. If curriculum is what you are wanting to focus on, I will give more info at the end of this letter on another list you may want to join. However, the more curriculum is a major focus for you, the greater is my hope that you will stick with this list a while so that you will not find yourself back here in a year or two, burned out.  This has occasionally been a problem on this list, so I want to address it here... First, just for the record, we are not operating by the hard-nosed "letter of the law" here.   "All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable" ~ in this case, profitable for all. We have to have some guidelines, or there will be nothing that differentiates this list from any other "homeschooling through high school" list. In that way, this is not an "open forum" like other message boards you can find on the internet. There are plenty such places where curriculum questions may be freely asked, and nothing is off-topic...
WHY AVOID TALKING ABOUT CURRICULUM SINCE MOST OF US USE IT?   Discussing curriculum may not be a hindrance in any way to one person. And that's wonderful. But I assure you that for every person who does not have a problem weaning from bondage to curriculum, there are probably 1,000 who do. In my experience with literally thousands of homeschoolers over my eighteen years of homeschooling (as of early 2001), many who think they are not in bondage to curriculum, actually are ~ and oftentimes are very much more so than they even have a clue. Deference is defined as "restricting one's own personal freedom for the sake of another." So in that light, consider what Donna had to say about this, since she was usually the one who handled "off-topicness."  This is my heart too... 
FROM DONNA: "It has been difficult for us to discern exactly how much to allow in discussing the use of curriculums and textbooks on SHF-L. Barb and I both have used bits and pieces in our children's educations. Bondage comes when you get caught up in the search for the perfect tool ~ grammar program, math textbook, science curriculum. Freedom comes when you find something (not traditional "curriculum"; maybe a "real book" rather than a work/textbook) and realize "Hey, this fits into what the Lord has been showing me that He wants for my child!" How to fit that in and hear His voice on using it is at the heart of what we want to primarily offer on this list; not a discussion of the curriculum itself. Even aside from the "cluttering the list" aspect, we want the focus to remain true to what we believe God called this list to be. There are many places where discussion of curriculum is the focus, and there's not a thing wrong with that! It's just not what we want our minds and energies to be focused on here."...
A LIST MEMBER ASKED:  "So do I not have the freedom to post that I use XYZ curriculum and this is how we are using it and this is how Barb's book has helped us?" to which Donna answered:  "It is fine and acceptable to say "for English and Grammar I used Jensen Grammar [Daily Grams, a textbook or whatever]." What we discourage is giving a description of that resource or comparing it to another resource or telling where it can be purchased, unless that's been a problem. Barb sells many resources, so why not start by checking the Resources for Senior/Junior High page at her website to see if she sells it. (She appreciates the business!  In fact, this is the only way she is paid for all the time she has invested into homeschoolers.  Many write to her telling her "thank you," and she totally appreciates that, but the very best way you can express your gratitude is by purchasing from her.")...
BACK TO BARB AGAIN:  Please take some time to really hear the heart of this matter. We have found that much discussion in the past has been on just curriculum itself; not so much on how to define or use it for a course. Now please hear me: This was not "sin" or "wrong"; it's just not what we want the focus of this list to be. And if anyone has posted on "just curriculum" in the past, we do not ~ I repeat not want you feeling like you have done anything wrong. Most of you are on many lists and do not have time to re-read my "Welcome Letter" every time before you post!    We do understand this. However, if such a conversation gets going, please be aware that you will kindly be asked to move the discussion to the "off topic shf-l" list. If this does happen, we do not want anyone feeling ashamed or embarrassed ~ OR angry.   Our intent is only to "re-focus"; not to chastise or embarrass! 
Now, we have found that some are not so much embarrassed, but rather downright angry. Angry that we feel we have any business controlling the topics on the list. If you are not one who would be angry, please skip ahead to the two girls below. If you are, please take an extra minute to read the next four "rose points" as it will help you save yourself some time and heartache later on...
If we were at an all-day seminar that was held in an actual physical location, and that started and ended at a certain time, we'd be able to lay out the guidelines for the day right at the beginning, abide by them throughout our time together, and then not have to think of them again after leaving the event. However this list is an ongoing, ever-changing entity. By tomorrow, three new people could have joined this list, two of whom probably won't read the Welcome Letter, and then they'll be on the list asking a question about something that's totally off topic or sending a cute forward to the list. (This has happened often.) So the very nature of the list itself is not conducive to cohesiveness in how we operate. However, if my list shepherdesses and I are going to continue working with this list, we must have guidelines. If you are just plain angry that you can't just freely discuss curriculum and/or don't feel that we have the right or place to "qualify" how and how much it will be discussed here, then that's not something we can help. But it's something you need ~ and we would encourage you ~ to rethink... 
 The time of my List Shepherdesses and myself and probably every single mom on this list is extremely limited, and we all have to decide how and where we will spend our time. My list shepherdesses have to read every single post that comes through SHF-L. They must have the freedom to determine what is off and on topic, or they will max out and I will lose them. And then you will lose this list.  We have come close many times, and really want to avoid that, because we really want to continue this list.
Since there is an abundance of lists where curriculum may be freely discussed, and where used curriculum may be sold, we are not leaving anyone high 'n' dry by restricting such discussion here. The focus of this list is simply different. (The List Shepherdesses could refer you to such lists.)
Additionally, there is much discussion between us that goes on behind the scenes. So even if it doesn't appear that we are doing much, like when there's very little list traffic, that doesn't mean one or both of these ladies and I aren't deeply occupied with something behind the scenes.



  You are guests on this list.   The "location" of this list is actually the homes of all of us on the team. That's one of the problems with cyber communication; there's no way you can know the source of something unless someone tells you. (So we're telling you. ) If any of the three of us at any given moment decides to quit, this list will dissolve within a matter of 5 minutes. :::POOF!::: GONE!  You can always start your own, but this one will cease to exist.
So the bottom line is that the place we have chosen to spend our time as far as this list goes is in ministering and encouraging, not so much as "informing." And so, conversely, what we want those who come to this particular "well" to know they will "drink" here is ministry and encouragement, not so much "information."  Considering that before you post will help you in deciding whether this is the place for what you are thinking of posting, or if maybe the off-topic list would be a better choice. 
So is it "wrong" to post about curriculum? Not exactly.
  But let's just keep such posts to a minimum; short and not getting into in-depth discussions on the curriculum itself. If it looks like it will be an in-depth topic, please start it on the off-topic list so we don't have to move it. (And please don't be offended if we do!)  It's just that we need to make sure it doesn't divert the focus away from what this list is about or get moms thinking in that direction who really need to be thinking about the hearts of their children and the heart of true education much more than they need to be thinking about "curriculum." I thought of this analogy:
A bride needs to learn how to cook, prepare meals, plan a menu, learn specific cooking techniques. What she does not need at this point is to get hung up on whether she should use baby red potatoes, russets, etc. Or granny smith, red delicious or whatever kind of apples. She needs to focus on learning how to cook.   ... While you may be fine with talking about details of curriculum, we're here to talk about cooking.  ...  I hope this clarifies our hearts a little more. 


SO HOW CAN I SIGN UP FOR THIS OFF-TOPIC LIST?  There are two ways; one by going to the website for the list, or by sending an email:


A)  Go to:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shfhelp  ...  At the top right of the page is a yellow button that says "Join this group". You can click on that to join the list. You will still need to register. Just follow the instructions.




B)  Send a blank email to: shfhelp-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


Let's say you get on the list and realize you don't want to be on it after all...  At the bottom of every post you will find directions for unsubbing!  Or, since you're here (obviously), just send a blank email to:  shfhelp-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com!





You are not "required" to have Form+U+la to join this list, but I need to give you "fair warning" that if you don't have the book, it will be frustrating at times, because (and I need to just be really honest here) I don't have time to re-write the book online.   Even aside from the time factor, the only "paychecks" we receive are from sales of our books and occasional speaking engagements. So I will need to have the freedom to say, in response to a particular question: "That's dealt with on page such-and-such of the book" and not feel I'm "advertising" or offending people. Nor is it appropriate for someone who has the book to type that part out for them. You are welcome to ask Teresa, Lisa, JulieBeth or myself privately if a particular section would be alright to post to the list; but please ask first; I just don't want my whole book given out on the list. I have, on several occasions, given permission to do so, and even asked for volunteers to post something from the book; and I have also put quite a few nice bits-n-pieces from the book (accessible at the High School Helps page) here at my website, but this needs to be at my discretion. 

        Another list I was on put much of the book (that the list was focused on) online, "300 words at a time," because that's the amount you can "legally" do. But far too many 300-word chunks went onto that list, negating the need for many to buy the book, or so they thought. In reality, they needed "the whole picture," presented in context, rather than in a piece-meal. As a result, not only did this author not receive compensation for her huge investment of time and money, but many people eventually abandoned the concept (which I believe is the "Cadillac of education") because of only partly or incompletely formed ideas that they thought were "it"!
        I will end this little digression by saying that (and this applies generally, not just to me): If you are fed and ministered to by an author, then you need to help them stay in business. Sometimes we are so concerned about being "good stewards of our money" that we forget to "steward" the servants God has placed among us, and become downright cheap.   Remember, homeschool authors and speakers are not government funded or subsidized!



I hope you won't merely be a "designated lurker." You are certainly free to do so, but rather than *planning* on "lurking only" ~ as many have stated ~ and never contributing, I hope you'll feel free to join discussions!  I also hope you'll realize that your input only adds to the richness and broadness of the responses, even (if not especially) if your thoughts are different!  Plus it will also make it more fun while we encourage and edify one another in Jesus, as He encourages and edifies us!     Since participating in said encouragement could easily become "life consuming," if you know what I mean, I want to encourage you all to hear God on how much to participate here! 




Even if I am "absent" here and there, you really probably won't miss me anyway, as *I* am not the focus of this list. Nor am I the "Shell-ton Answer (Wo)Man." Yes, of course, I'll have some answers, (you know me!), but then, so will all of you!    So I know you'll carry on quite nicely without me in the event that I am gone or am backed up on correspondence.



Here's a checklist of several "methods of operating" that will make this list flow more smoothly:
1) Quote enough from the email you are responding to so that others can follow the thread of thought. This isn't "law," but the norm I like to follow, just for the sake of clarity, is to enclose the quote (what I'm responding to) in double brackets, {{like this}}. The "usual" was double arrows ... <<like this>> ... but we have often found that what's being quoted disappears!  This is because the arrows are an HTML code that does that.  Anyway, then I add on a row of dots, and then start my answer. Like this:


     {{Any ideas for a health class?}}............Yes! I found "Wisdom's 7 Pillars"...


This just makes it more conversational, and easier to see the quoted material and where my answer begins. You don't have to do this; it's just the way I like to do it.
2) If your email program automatically reprints the entire letter you are responding to in the body of your new email, (usually with single arrows at the beginning of each line), please delete this repetition, if at all possible! It is time consuming for those with slower modems to have to download all that unnecessary data again. (Instead, follow #1.)
3) Avoid sending posts whose entire content is just a short comment such as "Me too," "Thank You," or "Amen." If you do make such (brief) comments within the body of your letter, (which is totally fine!), be sure to quote what you are responding to before it, as shown in # 2. 
4) Please avoid using different-color backgrounds or lettering. While these are fun and pretty, they are also hard on eyes that are already doing a lot of email reading ~ especially aging eyes such as mine that are now both near-sighted and far-sighted, and that spend many hours glued to the computer screen.
5) Do not send any attachments to list messages, whether intentional or automatically generated.
6) Use accurate and descriptive titles in the subject lines of your emails. If the subject of your reply deviates from the original subject line, please try to remember to change it. This makes it so much easier for everyone to follow the threads and sort through and file the mail. It also keeps people from missing good stuff they might otherwise delete.
7) Because of time constraints that at times are overwhelming, I will not always be able to read every email that comes through the list.   I try to, but am not always able. So if you want to be sure I read something you send ~ you know, like a question, or a lavish compliment ~ be sure you write my name at the beginning of the subject line!
8) About the "BES}" on my posts: You will see a "BES}" at the beginning of the subject line of all my posts. That's short for my pen name, Barbara Edtl Shelton, and identifies the post as being from me since people have requested that my posts be identifiable. (I think this is so they can delete them faster.)


This is a Christian conference. Nonetheless, it is open to anyone who wants to participate. We do expect that all will respect the generally accepted values of Christian love, mutual respect, sanctity of life, home, and the worship of God. Any breech of these principles will be cause for reprimand, and, if necessary, removal from the list. If any one feels she/he has been offended, please do not respond to the offender openly on the list, but take up the matter with the person individually and privately, off the list. If you feel it is necessary, you may ask a List Shepherdess for intervention. (And if you have been offended by any of us, please still take it up with one of us privately; not on the list.)



It's up to each of you to take this to God and see if He wants you involved in this list, now that you've heard our heart 'n' soul on everything. If the answer is yes, you don't need to let anyone know; just stay put and you'll continue to get emails. If, at any point, you decide this list isn't for you, you can simply unsubscribe according to the (very quick and simple) directions given at the end of each post you receive from the list!  And no offense will be taken! I might cry a little, be depressed for a couple weeks, but hey, I'll- I'll be alright!    Really I will!  (Actually, you know what? ... I won't even know you left!) 



Always contact Teresa, JulieBeth, and Lisa directly and privately with list problems! Do not send requests for digest settings, sub, unsub, or other list maintenance requests to the list!  This only delays your request and clutters the list.



To leave the list:
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When responding to an email in this format, please change the subject line to reflect the content of your topic.  Otherwise it will automatically be labeled something like:


[shfl] Re: shfl Digest 18 May 2005 15:27:23 -0000 Issue 13


This is not "wrong" nor is it anything to feel bad about; it just makes it difficult for those who receive hundreds of emails a day (like your shepherdesses and myself) to decide if it's one they need to read, or also to find posts later as there's no way to know what's inside.


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page the catalog write-up of this book is on. Form+U+la is

the very first book described on that page.





Well, that's about all we

can think of for now! It's probably way

more than enough, right?!?



Please contact

Teresa, JulieBeth, or Lisa

with any questions.


(You may contact me if your

question is really for me.)

With love and a big hug,

Barb, Teresa, Lisa, and  JulieBeth

Barb Shelton

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Teresa Ward

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Lisa Guidry

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JulieBeth Lamb

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Since Teresa lives in West Virginia, Lisa in Texas, JulieBeth in California,

and Barb in Washington State, it's been a bit hard to get one picture of all four of

us together!  So this is the best we can do for now!





I got the blue mailbox by the white picket fence with flowers from:

...the praying girl and bunny at:

...the animated clock with hand going round and round at:

...the big blinking smiley face from:

...the four books at:

...and the backgrounds, the two girl bunnies, the two girls with braids, and the little roses at:

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For the catalog

write-up on Form+U+la,

click on the book cover:

(It's the first item on that page.)