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Homeschooling Basics 


Looking Back - by [a homeschool mom]


The Nature of Public Education - John Taylor Gatto; Excerpts 


The Heart of True Education - by Marilyn Howshall


5 Myths About Public (and Traditional) Education

by Tory and Barb Shelton


Can Someone Else Homeschool My Children?

by Barb Shelton


   The Great Escape - by Geoffrey Botkin


Homemade Bread - Author Unknown


Walking by the Spirit - by Marilyn Howshall


What About Christian Schools? - Author Unknown


Letter of Encouragement to Kids Not Wanting to Homeschool

from Sharnessa Shelton

(who was homeschooled from start to finish) 


Animal School - Author Unknown


Wisdom's 7 Pillars for True Education - by Barb Shelton


But Aren't Schools the Best Way to Learn? - by Michael Pearl


Relationship Skills, Life Skills, Academic Skills - by Ellyn Davis


What If We Want to Homeschool for Only 1 or 2 years? - by Barb Shelton


The Cost of Homeschooling - by Donna Heck


Is Homeschooling As Good As Public School? - by Barb Shelton


Refreshing and Re-Focusing the Heart of the Homeschooler

by Barb Shelton


 Anti-Homeschooling Excuses ~ Are They Valid?

by Tamara Eaton


I Corinthians 13 for Homeschoolers

 by Betty DeMers Parkes


Single Mom Homeschooling

by Margaret, Kathy, and Katrina




Decided to (Re)Start Homeschooling?


Helpful Stuff to Know Before Taking Your Child Out of School

by Barb Shelton


Taking Resistant Kids Out of School

(One homeschool mom's experience) by "Margaret"


Is Mid-High School Too Late to Start Homeschooling?

by Barb Shelton, with contributions from several moms,

including an "article within an article" by Marilyn Howshall


Bringing Them Home - by Janie Levine


Help With Getting Your Vision - by Donna Heck


De-Schooling Tips - by Dianne Brooks




 Season of Re-education & Renewing of the Mind


Why Would I Need (to do) Such a Season? - by Barb Shelton


The Stitchery: An Analogy of this Season - by Barb Shelton


Biblical S.A.T.'s of Learning - by Marilyn Howshall


(This article is so important that I wanted to say a little about it right out here on the Article Chart...  When you first glance at this article, you will see that it is long, and you may find parts of it hard to grasp. Not because of Marilyn's writing style, but because the concepts are very foreign to our usual thinking.  I encourage you, however, to read it all; and not once, but several times through, as what is said here will affect your thinking in a wonderful, freeing way!  Don't just go for the "easy reads," but take the time and effort to feed on the meat offered in this article, and any others written by Marilyn Howshall.)


Decide to Be a Homeschooled Mom - by Marilyn Howshall


"(Barb's) Season of Re-education and Renewing of the Mind" Main Page 

There's LOTS more!  This link takes you to the "Starting Point" for my suggestion for a Season of Re-education and Renewing of the Mind, from which you'll be able to link to a variety of helpful, encouraging articles for this season, whether or not you follow my suggestions!  (This is the same page as is linked from the Main Lobby.)


Q's and A's and Encouragement from Moms Doing It




Romance & Relationships God's Way


From My Heart - (Basic intro to this message from me) by Barb Shelton


Dating Trap Avoided Through Emotional Abstinence - by Michael Farris


Convinced in My Heart - by Tory Shelton


Tory & Chrissy Shelton's Wedding - by Barb (Mom) Shelton


The Problems with Dating - by Nathan Bailey


What to Do While You Wait - by Nathan Bailey


Encouragement to Do It God's Way  - by Sharnessa Shelton


A Fairy Tale Wedding - by Kelli Johnson

(And Letter to the Couple by Diane Leasure)


What Is Dating? What Is Courtship? - by Nathan Bailey



Marriage & Family Edification


"What's A Family?"

by Leland Edtl (my Dad!)


Keys to a Marriage Made -- and Kept -- in Heaven

by Sarah (Mrs. Colby) Phillipps


 Protecting Your Marriage from Infidelity

by Michael Smalley




Legal, Testing, & Government Issues


Obeying the Law, Testing, (from the legal angle), 

and Qualifying to Homeschool

by Barb Shelton


The Heart of Testing and Grade Placing

(Taking a look at this "hot topic" from the heart - not legal - angle)

by Barb Shelton


"It's the Law!" ~ or IS it? - by Dennis Elenburg


Enlightening Excerpts on Testing  

(From the author of For the Children's Sake)

Susan Schaeffer Macaulay


Biblical S.A.T.'s of Learning - by Marilyn Howshall

(repeated from the "Season of Re-educ." section above; but very applicable to this section as well!)


   About Washington State's Homeschool Law

Compiled by Barb Shelton. 

(I know this doesn't apply to all, but I have included this here because I live in Washington and need to be

able to refer people to my my website for information rather than give it out individually by phone or mail.)



Homeschool Issues & Concerns


Pioneer Girl - by Sharnessa Shelton


Are You Eccentric? - by Barb Shelton


Purpose of Education - by Gordon Clark


Gift or Seduction? - by Carolyn Forte

(Food for thought regarding linking up with public school programs)


So What Are You Doing For God? - by Barb Shelton


What About Prepared Curriculum? - by Barb Shelton


The Need for Structure in the Learning Process

by Marilyn Howshall 


The Seduction of Homeschooling Families

by Chris Cardiff


Socialization Concerns - by Geoffrey Botkin


The Socialization Issue - by Dr. Fred Worth


A Brief Case for "Socialization"

by Dr. Jay Wile


Boredom and Dullness of Soul - by Marilyn Howshall


The Problem with Math - by Barb Shelton




High School Homeschooling


Tory Shelton's Graduation Story and Photos - by Barb Shelton


Sharnessa's Graduation Story and Photos - by Barb Shelton


The Diploma Quest(ion) - by Barb Shelton


Faith Walking Through High School - by Barb Shelton


Insights on College from Helen Keller - Compiled/Commented on by Barb Shelton


The Issue of Accreditation - by Barb Shelton


Will Secular College Undo What You Have Done? - by Barb Shelton


Are They "Teenagers" or What? - by Barb Shelton


So What About College? - by Barb Shelton


 Overwhelmed by Form+U+la? - by Barb Shelton


How I Cut Form+U+la Down to Size - by Wendy Fulton 

(This takes you to the article it is in: "Overwhelmed by Form+U+la?"

Scroll half-way down the page to find it.)


Honors Diploma - by Barb Shelton


Is Mid-High School Too Late to Start Homeschooling?

by Barb Shelton, with contributions from several moms,

including an "article within an article" by Marilyn Howshall


Are "Dual Enrollment" and "Running Start" Really Homeschool Options?

by Barb Shelton


Encouraging Letter to a Reluctant Homeschool Boy from Sharnessa

by Sharnessa Shelton


Encouragement from a Homeschooling Mom with 3 High Schoolers!

by Susan LaBounty


To Moms with Burned out, Bad Attitude Teens - by Barb Shelton


Insights on High School ~ from Jay Wile

Interview by Mary Leggewie


When Teens Don't Want to Homeschool (Anymore)

by Patti Ballard, Barb Shelton, and JulieBeth


New Vs. Old Form+U+la

"If I have a previous edition, do I really need a new one?"


When to Read Form+U+la? - (When's early enough? When's too late?)

by Several Homeschool Moms!




For Mom's Personal R & R & R

(Refreshment, Revitalization and Reconditioning of Spirit, Body, Soul)


On a Personal Note - by Barb Shelton


Prioritizing Your "Rocks" - Author Unknown


Loosen Up! - by Camilla Leedahl


The Lure of "Time to Myself" - by Jean Mann


My Humble Thoughts on Losing Weight and

Exercise - by Barb Shelton


Why Have Warm Water in the Morning?

by Barb Shelton

with insights from Dr. Raymond Moore




Spiritual Edification & Deepening

Your Walk With God


Hearing God 101 - by Barb Shelton


"Commune With Me" Guide - by Barb Shelton


Why Do They Call it GOOD Friday? - by Barb Shelton


Good Morning from God - Author Unknown


The Hem of His Garment - by Barb Shelton


An Analogy of the Body of Christ - by Barb Shelton


   (All three of the articles directly below appear in other spots in this 

Article Chart, but because of their "spiritual" nature and their importance, I want to

have them here too, just in case you missed them elsewhere.)


Walking by the Spirit - by Marilyn Howshall


The Heart of True Education - by Marilyn Howshall


So What Are You Doing For God? - by Barb Shelton


  Does It Work?!? - by Barb Shelton & Susan Hitchcock


There I'll Be - by Sharnessa Shelton




To Enhance Relationship with

and Discipline of Children



Making a Toddler's Lifestyle a Learning One - by Mary Woodis


  Using the Word of God to Train Your Children - by Kelli Johnson


Understanding the Childish Nature - by Michael & Debi Pearl


No Longer Anti-Spanking - by Shannon Schermerhorn


Changing the Heart of a Rebel - by Pastor S. M. Davis


True Success in Child Training - by Marilyn Howshall


Remedy for Rebellion -  by Barb Shelton




Homeschool Resourcefulness & Purchasing


Buying Used Curriculum - by Barb Shelton


About Homeschool Libraries, Vendors, and Curriculum Fairs

by Barb Shelton


Frugal vs. (Downright) Cheap - by Barb Shelton


Why Don't You Discount? - by Ellyn Davis


The Buck Stops Where? - by Donna Heck




Delight Directed Learning


Basic Intro to Delight-Directed Learning - by Barb Shelton


"Delight Directed" - by Marilyn Howshall

(This is one of "7 Natural Vital Signs of the Learning Process")


Delight-Directed Study - by Gregg Harris



Real-Life Learning


Real-Life Learning Main Page

You can access everything in this section from the Main Page OR from the links below:


What Is Real-Life Learning? - A Collage of Examples

by Barb Shelton


So Is Real-Life Learning the Same Thing As Delight-Directed Learning?

by Barb Shelton


10 Reasons to Keep Records - by Barb Shelton


Force-fed vs. Interest-led Learning - by Barb Shelton



The Potpourri 



Reunited: Now and Forever - by Barb Shelton


"Barbara Edtl Shelton": About My Name & Pen Name

(for the curious mind)


Our Family's Emergency Preparedness Plan

by Barb Shelton


About My Graphics Designers - from Barb Shelton


Email 101 - (Tips for those new to - or confused or

overwhelmed by - emailing) - by Barb Shelton


Special Thanks to my Website Design Teachers

from Barb Shelton


My Favorite Bible Verses - of Barb Shelton


My Favorite Internet Links - of Barb Shelton


About Having Barb Shelton Come and Speak

(Obviously by Barb Shelton; who else would know? Or care?)


A Personal Guided Tour Through Sr. High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la

For Parents of Pre-Highschoolers, which is why this isn't in the High School area


"My Daddy"  - a Father's Day Gift; from/by Sharnessa Shelton


A Very Special Announcement about Tory! - by Barb Shelton


A Very Special Announcement about Sharnessa! - by Barb Shelton


Year-round Valentine for Our Friends - by Barb Shelton


Sharnessa's Prayer 'n' News Letter! (3-4-00)







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